Bridge Replacement 


MassDOT Bridge Center (Elm) Street over the Taunton River:  Design of a 620-foot long; five-span temporary bridge allowing for construction of a bridge preservation project. Design of approach roadways (vertical and horizontal design) to allow for a parallel structure tying into existing roadway. Addressed drainage, ROW and abutter issues, including minimizing impact to a town constructed park at the east approach



MassDOT Bridge Route 66 (Westhampton Road) over Bassett Brook:   Bridge replacement of 33' simple span spread prestressed concrete deck beams with a reinforced concrete deck on integral abutments. Developed an innovative superstructure design using integral abutments and spread deck beams that increased the bridge span, moving the abutments out of the water.  This mitigated environmental impacts and eliminated the need for re-permitting the job.



MassDOT Bridge Route 103 (Wilbur Avenue) over Lees River: Bridge replacement, consisting of prestressed concrete I-beams superstructure and integral abutments and wingwalls.  Precast, prestressed sheet pile walls allowed for the widening of the roadway and addition of a sidewalk.  The design of the new structure maintained the hydraulic opening under the bridge, and the low chord of the proposed bridge was designed with the same clearances or better for boat traffic in compliance with Coast Guard permitting requirements.   The river banks were regraded and new rip rap was placed to secure the slopes from river and tidal flows.