Municipal Project Experience

Municipal Small Bridge Program:  Gill has been heavily involved in the new Massachusetts Municipal Small Bridge Program.  This has included the development of state requirements for the program, as well as the design of numerous projects that will receive state funding under the program.  We also are pleased to offer assistance in completing applications for Small Bridge Program funding.  Our project experience includes the following:

  • Arlington A10015 Mystic Street over Mill Brook Bridge Replacement
  • Ashfield A13039 Apple Valley Road over Clesson Brook Bridge Replacement
  • Charlemont C05028 C05030 Maxwell Road (Upper & Lower) over Maxwell Brook Bridge Preservation
  • Chesterfield, C-12-006, Ireland Street over Jackson Brook Superstructure Replacement
  • Easton E06025 South Street Bridge Rehabilitation
  • Huntington H27015 Searle Road over Pond Brook Bridge Repairs
  • Newbury N10007 Main Street over Parker River Bridge Repair
  • Rowe R10003 Kings Highway over Pelham Brook Bridge Rehabilitation
  • Windsor W41023 Flintstone Road over Tyler Brook Superstructure Rehabilitation 

Other Municipal Bridge Projects:  In addition to the above, Gill has provided services to Cities and Towns in Massachusetts.  Our services have included bridge rehabilitation, preservation and repairs.  Some representative projects include:

  • Holliston 8-Arch Bridge Rehabilitation Design & Resident Engineering
  • Boston B16026, Dana Avenue over Neponset River Bridge Rehabilitation
  • Braintree B21002 Shaw Street over Monatiquot River Bridge Repairs
  • Charlemont C05034 & C05047 North Heath Road (Route 8A) over Maxwell Brook & Mill Brook Bridge Preservation
  • Conway Bridge C20004 North Poland Road over Poland Brook Bridge Repair
  • Hinsdale H16020 Old Windsor Road over Cady Creek Bridge Replacement
  • Lee L05002 Willow Street over Housatonic River Bridge Repairs
  • Lee L05004 Meadow Street over Powder Mill Brook Bridge Replacement
  • Ashfield A13020 Apple Valley Road over Clesson Brook Bridge Repairs
  • Rowe R10008 Bridge Rehabilitation
  • Spencer S23010 Hasting Road over Turkey Hill Brook Bridge Rehabilitation
  • Monterey M29001 Curtis Road over Konkapot River Bridge Repair
  • Tyringham T10002 Main Road over Hop Brook Scour Repair Design