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Southwick North Loomis Street Bridge Replacement

Gill Engineering designed this fast-track bridge replacment project that implements accelerated design, permitting and construction processes.

Principals and Leaders at Gill Engineering Associates, Inc.


Led by founder, Joseph Gill, PE, the leadership of Gill Engineering Associates consists of four professional engineers with unique public and private sector qualifications in the engineering and design of transportation construction projects.  Most notable is Joe’s experience as the MassDOT State Bridge Engineer and the MassPike Chief Engineer. Five senior members of our staff each have over 10 years of experience in leadership roles as employees of public transportation agencies.  This gave our staff exposure to projects from both the owner’s and consultant’s viewpoints. The collective experience and knowledge of this leadership team is marshaled to provide sound technical direction to a cadre of professionals that ultimately produces targeted structural engineering solutions that effectively accomplish client goals.


Joseph P. Gill, P.E. -- President and CEO

Paul D. Moyer, P.E., SECB -- Vice President and COO

Preston A. Huckabee, P.E. -- Chief Engineer

Scott B. Carpenter, P.E. -- Principal Engineer

David G. Comerford, P.E. -- Principal Engineer

Daniel S. Crovo, P.E. -- Principal Engineer

George R. Kober, P.E. -- Principal Engineer

Keith T. Nelson, P.E. -- Principal Engineer