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Southwick North Loomis Street Bridge Replacement

Gill Engineering designed this fast-track bridge replacment project that implements accelerated design, permitting and construction processes.

Focus on Bridges

At Gill Engineering, our firm's singular focus is clear: sound bridge engineering. We bring practical approach to our assignments. Our engineers have solid technical knowledge of structural engineering theory and codes, and we have a behind-the-scenes understanding of the subtleties behind successful bridge projects. Armed with cutting edge technology, our team is well prepared to efficiently develop sound, innovative solutions to your structural engineering challenges.

Accelerated Bridge Construction Technology

ABC technology is increasingly being implemented to expedite construction projects and reduce impacts to the traveling public.  This is a departure from the old practice of utilizing staged construction to maintain traffic over a bridge during its reconstruction.  ABC adopts a “Get In, Get Out and Stay Out” approach that reduces on-site construction time, minimizes traffic impacts and dramatically reduces project costs and durations.  Gill Engineering is a specialist in ABC, having utilized it effectively on several recent Design-Build projects, earning us numerous national engineering awards. Gill has utilized ABC on several recent design/build projects, including:

  • 93 Fast 14 Project in Medford, MA: Construction of prefabricated bridge units, allowing for replacement of 14 bridge superstructures within 10 weekends.
  • Cedar Street Bridge Replacement Project in Wellesley, MA: Heavy Lift construction using SPMTs (self-propelled modular transports) for a two-span continuous superstructure fabricated on-site and rolled into place over a 3-day weekend. 
  • CSX Bridge Bundle #3 Project in Central and Western Massachusetts: Jacking existing structures intact to increase clearance over CSX RR tracks.
  • Longfellow Bridge Rehabilitation in Boston-Cambridge, MA: Design of a gantry crane system to expedite superstructure construction on the Longfellow Bridge Rehabilitation Project. Design of a temporary shoring system for the Rapid Weekend replacement of the MBTA structure – currently underway. 
  • Route 3 Bridge Reconstruction, Braintree, MA: Construction of prefabricated bridge units, temporary median crossover, allowed for bridges replacement over two 55-hour weekend shutdown.  

Representative Gill Engineering Project Experience